I keep spending more and more time, as I grow older, thinking about the state of work, productivity, and “earning our keep” in our society today. I go back and forth on my problem du jour that I am certain is the root of all that drives us nuts in ever-greater numbers year by year. (┬áBut our capitalist system, reducing us to profit providers, resources on a balance sheet, shackled to a system bent only on growth, profit, and productivity above all else… that one’s been on my shit list for a while.

So I started this manifesto the other day:

  1. Producing more, year after year, is not our purpose.
  2. It is okay to have downtime.
  3. We all need times of quiet reflection, meditation and contemplation: this shouldn’t be construed as laziness.
  4. We are not defined by our profit potential.
  5. We are not defined by the labor we can provide to industry.
  6. We are not defined by our earning potential.

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