Where now? Let’s ramble.

OK. This little test of WP as a blog engine – its original intended purpose – as opposed to a content management system didn’t go anywhere very fast. I tested a couple of things, I guess, but just like in the case of learning WordPress itself, I didn’t get around to serious learning until I was forced to, with a real, paying client looking to use a good ol’ fashioned blog as opposed to a website with WP behind the scenes. So, learning learned. Now I cast my eyes back on this install and think about making this my rambling blog. Fiction, rants about the government, deep-ish musings about life. All the things I poured daily into a Xanga blog back in the 00’s, which I haven’t had a good place for since.

I tried Blogger, I played with Tumblr, I dabbled in… did Yahoo have one? Whatever other flavor of the month service. None stuck for whatever reason. Oh, one reason: none had just the right balance of the social aspect covered like Xanga used to. And the Xanga folks: all in a Facebook group now.

So: I’ll try this out in WordPress. Now I’ve grown to DEEPLY love, nay, ADORE WordPress as a CMS for websites big and small, it only makes sense I try to work more consistently in WordPress, as a blog.

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