Office Space

I started thinking the other day about all of the offices that I’ve worked in. I made a list (below) and included the one “real” job in my field in college, but no other college jobs. These are the places I’ve worked at for the 14 some-odd years I’ve been doing what I’m doing. Some of them were contract, some full-time.

It’s interesting now how they’ve blurred together somewhat. Some of them I remember details of with sharp, exacting contrast, some I feel like I barely remember at all, I wonder about how the clarity of my recall has been affected by my mind state at the time. Dating and moving in with my to-be fiance, learning to live with someone like a spouse and be an adult, coming to terms with depression and substance use, trial periods with myriad anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, counselling, drinking and exercise… I grew up and back at these places. I think I’ll try to write a little about each one of them.

1. GPS Tracking Startup: Big Rapids, MI
2. “Big 12” Accounting Firm: Grand Rapids, MI
3. Local Microsoft project office
3. “Boutique” web and digital design practice, Grand Rapids, MI
4. Web and digital design practice owned by a large offset printer
5. Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer
6. Forex Trading Startup
7. Automotive Electronics Engineering Facility
8. Fortune 500 Materials Handling Company

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