Fireworks, It seems I never knew ye

Okay that title may be a little hyperbolic or at least overly dramatic. I knew Fireworks. KNOW Fireworks. The zippy little vector image editor that started as a Macromedia product. So many people misunderstood¬†Fireworks through the years. Why another vector editor when Illustrator was the industry standard and photoshop had pretty robust save-for-web capabilities? I’ll try to be brief, but Fireworks was truly the standard for creating web and other digitally-output graphics. Though drawn with vector tools like in Illustrator, the vector graphics are rasterized on the fly to show a constantly up-to-date idea of what the optimized, output graphics will look like in the browser or device. There are easier, more flexible slice tools than what photoshop offers, pages AND layers (as opposed to just layers in Photoshop and Illustrator) to organize comps, and a quick little “preview” button to see not only what rasterized images will look like, but raster images at certain optimizations, like a 70% quality JPG, or a 32-color GIF. I’ll stop there, since it’s not going to bring my old friend back.

After quite a bit of reading, I learned that sure enough the application went into “Feature Freeze” back in 2013. I guess that explains why last time I had Creative Cloud, which was right around that time, I installed the older, CS6 version of the app without even really knowing it was on its last leg. And where the “quite a bit” of reading part comes in: It took me forever to find a good link to download (i.e. actually install through the Creative Cloud Installer) and install the CS6 or 12.0 version of Fireworks. There are many inactivated links to Adobe’s old trials of the software, and lots of links pointing to CC and with long language about how important it is to

The link to download CS6 for the intrepid who still want it:

We’ll see how long it’s good for. I guess the replacement tool is supposed to be Adobe’s “Experience Design”, and while I already don’t like the name, I also don’t like the idea that this program that appears to specialize in interactive wireframes, is also Adobe’s answer to web graphics creation. I WILL install and use it, I will check it out for certain, but I’m not holding my breath that it will be some kind of web-world-wunderkind like Fireworks once was. There I go, getting all dramatic again.

The Adobe Experience Design website >>

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